Prestashop Tutorials

Prestashop Tutorials

Prestashop Tutorials HD Training Videos

Like many before, you have arrived here looking for an easy way to quickly understand Prestashop. Tired of spending hours, reading endless forums that discuss Prestashop's coding and not gaining the information you really need. Well I am here to help.

My name is Rob and I just love Prestashop.

Being free to use is always a good thing and the folks that made Prestashop really did a fantastic job but yet I feel they left one major thing out.

The training and tutorials that ensure you spend only a little time setting Prestashop up.

You see, I am actually a Learning and Development Consultant by trade and have helped some major corporate businesses develop their employees across the World.

I could see immediately that Prestashop needed my 15 years of L&D experience to make it the tool of choice.

I have spent many hours using Prestashop and have now put all my knowledge into several High Definition (HD) videos for you to benefit from.

So why do you need these videos?

Well the reason you use Preastashop is to run an online business and the last thing you need is to spend hours and hours searching many forums for information.

Forums that are usually filled with very technical information, and not easy to follow instructions.You want to be selling products right?

The longer you take to set up your store, and the more time you spend reading forums, the more money you are losing.

Basically, if your website is not operating, you're not sellingI have created videos for you to download and begin saving time and money today.

So join me as I explain how to get the best from Prestashop in several HD Videos.